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Our independence gives us choice and flexibility, so through our panel of blue chip lenders, we can offer a range of point of sale credit solutions to meet the needs of your business and your customers.


Our extensive buying power enables us to develop products exclusively with our lenders and negotiate the most favourable rates and terms on behalf of our clients.


The result is simple: unrivalled choice and flexibility with the right finance products at the right price. > Find out more

Latest News

A Day in the life of General Manager Colin Macpherson

I arrive at the office usually before 8.30 am and, first-things-first, I make a cup of coffee! Today, I have a meeting with one of our major clients – to start the planning for their application for authorisation by the … Read More

Understanding APRs (it’s not quite as complicated as you might think)

You can’t avoid APRs.  They should appear on every advert offering credit and customers have to be given APR figures whenever they discuss finance with sales representatives.  APRs are designed to help make finance less confusing and more transparent – … Read More

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